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The origin and function of meiosis are fundamental to understanding the evolution of sexual reproduction in eukaryotes. For the process whereby cell nuclei divide to produce two copies of themselves, see Mitosis. The zygote undergoes meiosis immediately, creating four haploid cells. The first meiotic division effectively ends when the chromosomes arrive at the poles. Two such haploid gametes, arising from different individual organisms , fuse by the process of fertilization , thus completing the sexual cycle. Other microtubules will interact with microtubules from the opposite centrosome: Renaissance and Enlightenment Transmutation of species Charles Darwin On the Origin of Species History of paleontology Transitional fossil Blending inheritance Mendelian inheritance The eclipse of Darwinism Modern synthesis History of molecular evolution Extended evolutionary synthesis. Meiosis I separates homologous chromosomes, each still made up of two sister chromatids, into two daughter cells, thus reducing the chromosome number by half. This attachment is referred to as a bipolar attachment.
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Meiosis and the Paradox of Sex in Nature

Infection, Genetics and Evolution. In prophase II we see the disappearance of the nucleoli and the nuclear envelope again as well as the shortening and thickening of the chromatids. Female animals employ a slight variation on this pattern and produce one large ovum and two small polar bodies. This indicates a gene flow involving RecA gene or its orthologs from pre-mitochondrial bacteria to ancestral eukaryotes. The physical exchange of homologous chromosomal regions by homologous recombination during prophase I results in new combinations of DNA within chromosomes. In males, meiosis occurs during spermatogenesis in the seminiferous tubules of the testicles. Meiosis occurs in all animals and plants. Meiosis generates gamete genetic diversity in two ways:
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Origin and function of meiosis

This is followed by anaphase II , in which the remaining centromeric cohesin is cleaved allowing the sister chromatids to segregate. However, most of these mechanisms cannot be as accurate as and is possibly more mutagenic than the repair mechanism provided by meiosis. Interphase is followed by meiosis I and then meiosis II. Meiosis occurs in eukaryotic life cycles involving sexual reproduction , consisting of the constant cyclical process of meiosis and fertilization. Mitosis is the normal process in eukaryotes for cell division, duplicating chromosomes and segregating one of the two copies into each of the two daughter cells, and contrast with meiosis. It occurs in single-celled organisms such as yeast, as well as in multicellular organisms, such as humans. Transformation is hypothesized to be the ancestral mechanism, [4] in which DNA from one prokaryote is released into the surrounding medium and then taken up by another prokaryotic cell.
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Description:During leptotene, lateral elements of the synaptonemal complex assemble. The cells then proceed to a second division without an intervening round of DNA replication. The population genetics of sex and recombination". Many fungi and many protozoa utilize the haplontic life cycle. Meiosis generates gamete genetic diversity in two ways: Meiosis I separates homologous chromosomes, each still made up of two sister chromatids, into two daughter cells, thus reducing the chromosome number by half. Prokaryotic sex also appears to be an adaptation to stress. Somatic cells make up the body of the organism and are not involved in gamete production. It is clear that it evolved over 1. The zygote undergoes meiosis immediately, creating four haploid cells.

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